Skiing gopro accessory Bundle

Although the picture ahead might be of a snowboarder and not a skier do not let this fool you. GoPro Hero 4 Black edition cameras are for skiers and snowboarders. In this wordpress blog about skiing we are going to focus on the gopro skiing accessories that we have to offer. The first and mus […]

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SUP Bundle

Put  your  stand-up paddle skills  at  full display  because of the  GoPro SUP Bundle—a  menu   associated with  surf-specific mounts  AND ALSO  accessories comfortable  towards  North Shore, but  Equally   in the home   for the  serene surface  of any  mountain lake.

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Surf Bundle and other option for GoPro Accessories

The  GoPro Surf Bundle  is actually   in 2010  off  the  leash—it’s been  approved   by the  world’s  biggest  surfers  on the  world’s  largest  waves. You’ve seen what Slater  will certainly  do  inside  it, haven’t you?  simply no   some other  camera  can   get   a person  closer  as compared to  this. Surfing with a gopro is best don’t […]

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Wakeboarding Bundle

Whether you prefer to board, surf or skate the wake, the GoPro Wakeboard Bundle that is from GoPro unfortunately does not includes everything you need for a day on the boat. Double-ups, barrel rolls, tweaked methods? Yes, please. I love to wakeboard with my gopro camera and I do not know many people that do […]

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